Saturday, October 15, 2011

Road Trip to Kimmswick

Kimmswick is a old river town founded in 1859 by Theodore Kimm; but the history of the town goes back to the late 1700's. Ths Spanish used the Mississippi and the Indian trails up river from New Madrid and Ste. Genevieve to St. Louis. They called the route El Camino Real. It is the oldest road in Missouri and passed by what is now Kimmswick. Today's Kimmswick is a small town loaded with quaint shops and eateries.
One of the best places for lunch is the Blue Owl restaurant and bakery. The is always a line to get in. B and I arrived before it open so we didn't have to wait long
interior of the Blue Owl
The biggest festival in Kimmswick is the Apple Butter Festival. The air is filled with the aroma of apples cooking. There is nothing better than apple butter right out of the copper pot. This little town entertains 100,000 in 2 days, purchasing apple butter and visiting all the shops and the 100's of vendors. The crowd has to be bussed in from a nearby school because the town is only around 7 blocks big. B and I had a great mother-daughter day!

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