Saturday, April 23, 2011


my daughter didn't go to the basement when the warning sirens
went off, she went out to take picture
we in St Louis and the suburbs had a wild Good Friday night!
Tornado came thru town to visit. My family is all ok but the city my kids grew up in was severely damages; we had a ef4 tornado, (the scale is from 1-5, being the worse)
homes blew down to foundation,
looks like a bomb went off. Our airport, Lambert International,
suffered great damage, but no one in this horrible storm was killed, some injuries. God was watching over us!
I was in the basement for awhile with my storm kit:
portable radio, cell phone, flashlight, camera,
and this time my e reader, just in case i had to spend sometime in the basement.
my backyard is a lake, patio chair floating down the yard
to my neighbors and the rain keeps falling.
Thinking of building an ark! Oh my gosh big bolt of lightening and thunder!!!!

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