Wednesday, March 16, 2011

more preparation

in case you've not noticed i'm Ireland obsessed! Got this one Ireland 2008 got this one in Scotland 2010 this one at the Irish festival in 2009. some of the music i've been listening to this past month: dropkick murphy celtic women the script celtic thunder the dubliners gaelic storm phil coulter band of the black watch the corrs the chieftain the high kinds the pogues the proclaimers glen hansard natalie mcmasters mary black dervish altan u2 derek bell the irish tenors. enya i know the people in the office will be glad when March is over


Molly said...

You've got all my favourites listed here!

patty said...

I'm obsessed with anything Irish. It's an addiction, can't help myself. Love the pipes, whistles, and especially the bagpipes, i get shivers when i hear bagpipes!