Thursday, January 20, 2011

let it stop snowing

this time the weather men got it right, too right. snow measured 7 inches this morning on my deck rail my poor neighbors; have to clean off 4 cars and try to get out of the drive way
snow deck. my sweet heart of a son in law, brought his snow blower over and cleaned off my drive way otherwise i would have just plowed though it tomorrow morning. predicting 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow night and 3-6 inches sunday night, where oh where is SPRING???


Molly said...

But it looks SOOO pretty!

JeanMac said...

Soon be spring - we just have a couple weeks to go!

patty said...

Molly-the snow does look pretty, as long as you do not have to go out in it. More is due first week of February!
JeanMac-spring can't come soon enough! really dislike the gloomy days when everything is white, ground, trees, and sky.