Monday, December 20, 2010

the christmas ornament

my tree skirt is a red and white quilt made by my great great and great aunts in law over 60 or 70 years ago.
the story of the my Christmas ornament. I was given this frame ornament by a friend at a Christmas exchange. It was the year that my mom died and i decided to put the photo of my mom and dad in the frame and hang it on my tree. After i finished decorating the tree i sat down with a cuppa to reflect on the past year and heard a crack like a glass had broken. after searching the house for broken glass i glanced at the tree and was amazed to see the the glass in the frame had broken right down the middle and separated my mom and dad in the picture, just as death had separated them. there was no other reason the glass broke it had been hanging on the tree at least an hour and the temperture had not changed. strange but comforting. i try to give any friends an ornament when they have someone pass in their family

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