Monday, October 11, 2010

quilt show

the show was here at the community college gym the patterns, colors and detail are amazing! click on picture for detail
mom loved elvis, she would have loved this
loved the pattern, like how it looks like canned goods on a shelf.
yo yo quilt
i think this is my favorite.


Molly said...

Mine would be the stained glass one!

patty said...

i really liked that one also, the black edging makes it pop

Ciara said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on Milkmoon. My Mum used to be a big quilter, and it is something that reminds me of my childhood. Now she works in stained glass!
LOVE the Elvis quilt!!

patty said...

Ciara, thank you for your comment. Your mom is still quilting, she is just using a differnt medium. My mom was a huge fan of Elvis, i thought of her when i saw that quilt