Monday, March 8, 2010

art deco

I went to a pancake breakfast Saturday in my old stomping grounds. As I was driving home I decided to stop and take some pictures. These are of the Airway Drive In. The airway was one of 2 drive ins in our city; the other one being the 4 screen, (because of course there was 4 screens). The airway has a great place as a kid. They had a playground and a little gas train. the drum majorette baton twirls when its lit. The Airway had capacity of 1000 cars, it opened in the 1950's and closed in the 1980's My grade school backed up to the screen and one of my classmates lived in a little house behind the screen. we all thought that was a great place to live and see all the movies for free. we couldn't wait until summer to pile in the car with lawn chairs, a cooler, popcorn, pillows and blankets in case we fell asleep. As teenagers, we hid one or two people in the trunk to get in without paying for them (we never got caught) or at least no one ever charged us at the gate. As a parent I took my own kids there. The last movie we saw there was "star wars". The drive in was torn down years ago and a gas station and grocery store was built on the site, but they did keep the neon sign, and all of the art deco towers. the towers and sign were at the entrance, i seem to remember 8 different admission gates, most were not open unless there was a blockbuster scheduled. I'm glad the kept the entrace, brings back many great memories

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