Tuesday, June 24, 2008


rain is coming in, won't help the poor people whose homes have flooded due to levee breaks. the soccer fields in fountain lakes are under water, saw them work on the levee on the way home last night. the water is about 2 -3 miles from work, b called this morning to make sure we had not floated away. this area did flood in 1993.
interesting night last night, followed a pickup with a trailer on it, and the trailer came loose, luckily the driver got his truck stopped before the trailer came completely off. then dropped cell phone in dish water while trying to answer it. took it apart quickly and used a hair dryer to dry it out and left it apart all night, worked ok this morning, which is great. its funny how quickly a piece of technology can become a piece of your life. i feel naked when i don't have my phone with me.
planning to visit dad tonight have more bird seed for his feeder, hopefully the birds have found the feeder and are providing entertainment dad.
the picture is one i took close to the house. i like old rusty barns and sheds. this one is hidden in a field off of 364 and k, had to tromp thru tall grass and weeds to get it

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